Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Littlest Chauffeur

I was trying to get out the door to my doctor's appointment today and loading my gym clothes and reading material into the passenger side of my car this morning when somebody decided to hop in and drive me.  

Obviously, Hudson had to stay at home this time but he LOVES going in the car with Brian and I when we leave the house.

My doctor's appointment went about as well as expected:  I still don't have a diagnosis for my foot pain but my PCM ordered x-rays to rule out stress fractures and referred me to a podiatrist for custom orthotics.  Also, strangely my foot pain has migrated (again) and now it's feeling almost cramp-like under my 4th and 5th metatarsals (forefoot bones).

I am SO ready to get back to running, but after yesterday's little experiment I am (sadly) thinking it's going to have to be a little longer.  Guess I'll be hitting the stationary bike again tomorrow.

Any advice on how to make my bike workouts more fun?  It is sooo boring, I've tried bringing books and magazines but that only provides 20 or 30 minutes of entertainment.  Help me!



  1. Replies
    1. Try some Indian/ Hindi music; here's my suggested list;
      Tere Bina
      Maan Mohana
      Yeh Ishq Hai
      Crazy Kiya Re
      Jungle Mein bole
      Khwaja mere khwaja
      Khuda Jaane that should keep you bikin for awhile, they're all on You Tube!

    2. Mom, you are hilarious with your Indian Music....

    3. I made mom a playlist on Youtube. Look her up by her gmail address and you should find it :)

  2. LoL to MOM!! She is too freeking funny!!! I usually try doing bike sprints... so I do 20 sec as fast as I can 10 sec slow, 20 fast, 10 slow, for 5 min. Then I do 5 min of a goodly (you know how I love that word) pace, then repeat. or you could add in a 5 min section of 20 fast, 20 slow, 20 fast, 20 slow. I usually just try to make a game out of it... because the bike is VERY boring!!

    1. I wish I had a bike. What brand do you guys recommend?


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