Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

A look back at what was an absolutely perfect weekend...

We checked out the Tampa Food Truck Rally 2.0!

Some foods we tried were good....
Miami Burger from Burger Culture Truck

Some were bad....
Chocolate Pecan Pie??  um...not what we were expecting.

Some were to die for....
Latin Lovers Crepe (Bananas & Nutella) from La Creparia Cafe Truck

We took Hudson on base to enjoy the nice weather.

Brian and I spent a few hours reading.  Hudson waited patiently for his turn at having some fun....

When it was Hudson's turn, Brian joined him in a game of "chase the Italian Greyhound"

A fabulous day was had by all!


  1. This is so cute! The weather looks fabulous, the food looks fabulous, you look fabulous, Hudson looks fabulous, even Brian looks fabulous!! I wish we had been there this weekend, looks like you had a blast!!

  2. Well thank you for the many compliments, you and Ben would have loved the Food Truck Rally! And this weekend really was as close to perfect as we humans can expect :-) Stay tuned to the blog this week for an easy but delicious Indian curry dish I made for dinner Sunday night!

  3. Hi Jules,

    Well my first comment seems to have disappeared into the ether!! Oh well. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your description of the Food Truck Rally. I think Beau would have really enjoyed that Miami Burger that Brian was munching! Mom & I would have gone for the crepe. We just got home from Hawaii where we had some Berries & Cream Crepes and also some Hawaiian Burgers. Wish we had decided to make a detour to Tampa on our way home!!

  4. Dad - Beau would have loved the burger: it was topped with ham, turkey and swiss cheese! Your berries and cream crepe sounds fantastic, that's one thing I'd love to tackle! As soon as I can perfect a crepe recipe, it'll appear here on the blog!

  5. That crepe truly was amazing. The burger was, hmm, pretty good, and I'll admit it was the first time EVER that I had eaten a burger with mustard vice ketchup. There you go, Julia, expanding my culinary horizons again. On the flip side, words cannot express the disappointment of that chocolate pecan pie...really? In any case, a wonderful weekend with fabulous weather!


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